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Penthouse at the Asylum

My Crazy Little World

I am a single mother to my 8 year old daughter. This is a place for me to contain my ranting and raving. To vent about it to whoever wants to read it as opposed to whoever happens to be calling me on the phone to talk about their day or whoever I meet up with (unlucky for them)! A place where I can say the things I need to say outloud and not be afraid that my friends and family are judging me. I don't know the people that are reading this, or if I do, they don't know who *I* am, so I'm "safe". I can write about the things I need to get out, the things I'm too afraid to say out loud to the ones I love. Life is crazy, and, sometimes I feel like I've got the penthouse in the asylum, with a life long lease that I can't get out of.